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Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine region or Niederrhein is a region around the Lower Rhine section of the river Rhine in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany between approximately Neuss and Düsseldorf in the South and the Dutch border around Emmerich in the North. As the region can be defined either geographically, linguistically, culturally, or by political, economic and traffic relations throughout the centuries, as well as by more recent political subdivisions, its precise borders are disputable and occasionally may be seen as extending beyond the Dutch border. Yet, while the Dutch half of the Lower Rhine geographic area is called Nederrijn in Dutch, it does practically not overlap with the German Niederrhein region, although one term is the translation of the other.

All galleries listed below are shot in this region and stand here in alphabetical order.

Almost all images from these galleries are available in high resolution except for a few from years 2005 and 2006. Please contact me in case you would like to license any of the images. The private use is free for everyone.