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Hoek van Holland

Hoek van Holland coat of arms

Hook of Holland (Dutch: Hoek van Holland, Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɦuk vɑn ˈɦɔlɐnt] - literally "Corner of Holland"), also known as the Hook (De Hoek), is a town in the western Netherlands. It is situated on the North Sea coast, on the north bank of the Nieuwe Waterweg ship canal. The town is administered by the municipality of Rotterdam as a district of that city.

Nearby towns include Monster, 's-Gravenzande, Naaldwijk and Delft to the northeast and Maassluis to the southeast. On the other side of the river is the Europoort and the Maasvlakte. The wide sandy beach, one section of which is designated for use by naturists, runs for approximately 18 kilometres to Scheveningen and for most of this distance is backed by extensive sand dunes through which there are foot and cycle paths.

All galleries listed below are shot in this city and stand here in alphabetical order.

Almost all images from these galleries are available in high resolution except for a few from years 2005 and 2006. Please contact me in case you would like to license any of the images. The private use is free for everyone.

Beach at Hoek van Holland, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands