Montafon is a valley in Austria that extends from the city of Bludenz to the Silvretta mountain range. It is also known in the local dialect as Muntafu. The Stand Montafon is the association of the ten valley villages. The main town is Schruns. Travelling from Bludenz, you enter state road B188 which takes you by the old cement plant of Lorüns and through the town of Lorüns. After driving through the magic Alma woods and past the Tränabächle (brook of tears) the valley opens to its main splendor at St. Anton (in the local dialect: "Santatöni") on the left, and Vens and Vandans on the right. St. Anton, which is not to be confused with its larger and more famous sister, St. Anton am Arlberg, is the hometown of the Stemer clan and the Battlogg clan. On you travel by Rodund, the main center-valley electrohydric plant of the Vorarlberger_Illwerke, through Gantschier and Kaltenbrunnen and on to Schruns and Tschagguns (in the local dialect: "Schru und Tschaggu"). The mountain town of Bartholomäberg spreads its wings above Schruns, with its outliers Jetzmunt and Lutt watching over St. Anton and its southeastern outliers Kristberg and Innerberg watching over the Silbertal valley.

All galleries listed below are shot in Montafon.

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